HotForWords – FIFA World Cup 2010 Soccer or Football ?

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  • @Ferret9T2 wrong i read about it one day there was some guy in the 1800s i think who was sick of football (soccer) and one day he picked up the ball and ran from one side of the field to the other or some thing and invented stupid rugby

  • @firethower99 soccer is football u r dumb, did u watch the video or not?? plus it sounded like the way u said it american football is kind of gay

  • Now lets get the historical record straight. Football was first played by the Australian aboriginals in about 30,000BC (as evidenced in rock carvings) after a visit by an alien race. In the mid to late 19th century both England and the USA tried to emulate the game but could not due to diseases in plague proportions at that time in each country – foot and mouth disease in the USA (hence lots of throwing) and hand and mouth disease in the UK (hence using only using the feet & head). AFL forever!

  • its football-.-
    in greece we call it ποδοσφαιρο
    btw i wont learn football from u baby :DD u are for other things;)

  • Only inbreds bitch about what to call things and how to spell them. By the way, FIFA is NOT english. it's french. Anyone who has studied french grammar knows that nouns are put before the adjectives. So FIFA would have been IFAF if it would have been an english organization. IFAF = International Federation of Association Football. FIFA = Féderation International de Football Association.


  • @fcukthebluepill I'm from Ireland and we all call it soccer here to distinguish it from gaelic football.

    Sometimes when we're obviously talking about soccer we call it "football", like "the best football player", but usually we just say soccer.

  • there is no right or wrong was originally called soccer and still is in america because they have there own version of football(nfl).but as we all know it is known as football in europe but soccer is also correct and if you think im wrong just ask the nice people at SOCCER AM!!!

  • @GoldGodzilla Its called soccer cause its actually called "Association Football" not to be mixed up with "Rugby Football". In 1880 at Oxford it was shortened to Soccer which was adopted by the USA after Harvard had popularized "American Football" So by calling it plain football you refer to only the ball and no sport while "Soccer" stands for "Association Football" as defined by Oxford.

  • Soccer IS Football. But american football should be called " Throw the ball in the air and catch it ball"

  • It's funny how the Brits like to look down on America for calling the game soccer even though they invented the word lol.

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  • REAL fans of the sport won't care what you call it. It is all in playing the sport, no matter what language you speak, we all understand eachother when we meet on the field.

  • @bobmarley272272 You're calling people who call it Soccer dumbasses when u Can't even spell England.
    Who's the dumbass now huh

  • @GoldGodzilla – no.. FIFA = Fédération Internationale de Football Association. That's french for the International Federation of Association Football, IFAF.
    Now where is the word soccer found? Quite obvious! Soccer is the abbreviation of Association Football, which means that the name International Federation of Association Football can be simplified to International Federation of Soccer, IFS. That's Fédération Internationale de Soccer, FIS, in french.

  • @ArmadaFiume1987 England IS in Europe. How do we give it a bad name? Because we decided to name it differently so you guys dont bitch about how we rip you off? If we name it football, WHICH DOESN'T CHANGE ANYTHING, you would start to bitch too. American football isn't my favorite, soccer is. If you were a true fan you wouldn't care if people called it like that. You would just watch, play and enjoy.

  • @ArmadaFiume1987

    So you mind telling me because obviously I'm an American and ALL Americans are stupid.

    Seriously, fuck off. Don't get butthurt over a simple WORD. Same sport, different name. A name we didn't even come up if. We just adopted it.

  • @ArmadaFiume1987 …..LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL DO YOUR EGGS HAVE POINTS ON THE END??????? LOLOLOL actually contrary to your ignorant belief balls don't have to be perfectly spherical and ovoid shaped balls are, in fact, balls. No feet? rofl how does each half start? what do teams usually do on 4th down? how do you score 3 points? how do you score 1 extra point? lol they used HANDS in medieval football yet your ancestors called it football because it was played on foot. USAWNT #1 in world

  • please do a video on the etymology of football, some people are retards *cough* ArmadaFiume1987 *cough* and most of europe *cough*

  • @Geraldo1101 This explanation is supported by the fact that the word football has always implied a wide variety of games played on foot, not just those that revolved around kicking a ball. In some cases, the word has been applied to games which involved carrying a ball and specifically banned kicking. For example, the English writer William Hone, writing in 1825 or 1826, quotes the social commentator Sir Frederick Morton Eden, regarding a game — which Hone refers to as "Foot-Ball"

  • @Geraldo1101 "The game was this: he who at any time got the ball into his hands, run [sic] with it till overtaken by one of the opposite part; and then, if he could shake himself loose from those on the opposite side who seized him, he run on; if not, he threw the ball from him, unless it was wrested from him by the other party, but no person was allowed to kick it." FACT. YOURE AN IDIOT FACT. ASSOCIATION FOOTBALLW AS NAMED SO TO DISTINGUISH ITSEL FACT


  • @Geraldo1101 ICONS (.ORG) .UK HAS AN ARTICLE SAYING THAT, DO YOU NOT KNOW HOW TO FOLLOW IN TEXT CITATIONS? Actually, seeing as the on foot 'hypothesis' which is at least as much a hypothesis as the with foot 'etymology', games like rugby were called football and american football derives itself from rugby. YOU DON'T KICK IN AMERICAN FOOTBALL??????? NEWS TO ME LOL

  • @Geraldo1101(a.) ICONS Online (commissioned by the UK Department for Culture, Media and Sport; no date) "History of Football"; (b.) Bill Murray (sports historian), quoted by The Sports Factor, 2002, "Tie Me Kangaroo Down, Sport" (Radio National, Australian Broadcasting Corporation, May 31, 2002) and Michael Scott Moore, "Naming the Beautiful Game: It's Called Soccer" (Der Spiegel, June 7, 2006);

  • @Geraldo1101 (c.) Professional Football Researchers Association (U.S.A.), (no date) "A Freendly Kinde of Fight: The Origins of Football to 1633". Access date for all references: February 11, 2007. LOL BITCH

  • @Geraldo1101 lol except they still used the try from rugby. WTF??? rugby was developed in the late 1800s when most football games were foot only, cnapan had incredibly similar rules to rugby but stopped being played. So what is your point? That they arent football codes? that american football isnt really football even though it evolved from a code of football that was very similar to previous codes of football?

  • @Geraldo1101 I was saying it was similar to medieval football games. There were medieval football games like Ba, Caid, Camping, Cnapan, Shrovetide, and Uppies and Downies were you did use your hands. So if the word football was used to describe games played with the feet then either they wouldn't be football games because they use your hands or just like american football they would, in fact, be football games.

  • @Geraldo1101 Obviously it did because there were games played with hands that were called football. And they wouldnt have called games that were played with the hands football unless they were called football because they were played on foot. Why isn't football a football code? Sports that trace their lineage back to the medieval football games of england are known as codes of football.

  • It's really stupid why the Americans call Futbol soccer and American Football Football. The prefix football is means feet. In American football you use 95.8 percent of your hands.

  • @ArmadaFiume1987

    We're newer to the sport, and at least have have more variety. Even though we dont concentrate on soccer, we do better than some teams. And soccer is also the correct way to spell it look it up.

  • LOL people can't even accept the truth.They can't imagine America being more logical than them so they live in their own ignorance. Just face it, USA has validity in calling it Football. Just a bunch of jealous haters.Spending all your time on a country you don't even like.Just proves we're the best.

  • @jasonhartman1987

    Your comment got marked as spam because these retards think they know everything about the sport. Americans call it soccer, you call it football, BIG FUCKING DEAL YOU GEEKS. Before you bash on Americans learn why we call it that way fucking retards.

  • Canada and Australia and New Zealand aren't countries? Wow. I learn something new everyday.

    Oh and Italians call it Calicio.You must hate them too right?Haha stupid ass.

  • There is more than one type of Football.In Austrailia "football" could mean something different and in America the same.Saying soccer is more specific then just "football".No matter where you go, people will immediately know what you mean with no confusion by saying soccer.
    And call it hand egg?This is the stupidest argument I've heard. There are no eggs in the game.Eggs you buy at the store.
    Why not change the names of all sports?There are no crickets in Cricket.No rugs or bees in Rugby.

  • If you researched the history of the sport before you spoke on it you'd know that the ball wasn't always that shape.It used to be rounder, but as the game changed they made it more oval so it was easier to throw.They also kicked the ball more. Soccer was always called soccer in the US.It was called that too in England but they started saying football.Americans and English/others only say "football" for short,American and Association is too long.

  • If soccer is really supposed to be called football, why is it MLS instead of MLF? Think about it. Danny Beckham didn't come to the MLS to play football, he came to play soccer. If he wanted to play football he would have joined an NFL team. Debate solved.

  • loool its called MLS because you americans are retarded! everyone else around the world calls it football! get back to ice hockey you dumbarse!

  • I love the states, but they're wrong on this one, and everybody on the whole planet knows that football is played with a rond ball, a goal keeper, and 22 players.

  • Not far off actually. Football origins go back to working folk playing games 'on foot' (as opposed to being on horeseback) & with a ball. Foot+Ball=football. There were many different rules which evolved until various 'codes' emerged. The ball was carried & kicked (with carrying being the best way to move the ball to goal). The Football Association was formed 1863 & one of it's rules was that a player could catch the ball before kicking it. It's ALWAYS been SOCCER to me & I live in the UK.

  • Have you ever played American football? Even with the gear, you can get injured and possible suffer concussions and broken bones or even worse. There's a reason why they have it on.

    Fun fact. The word soccer was invented by the British.

  • well, i say that because bunch of americans "football" fans are saying stupid things about football(soccer), about the lessiones and fake injuries, at least we dont need body armor or whatever…

  • Well you can't deny its true. I call football when I refer to European Football and call American Football that because its the American sport. No one should care what they call it because after all both football and soccer are the same sport. Also, the definiton of a football also contains an ovoid which is basically egg-shaped. Yeah its a fucking eggshape ball, but its still a ball and I think its a foot long.

  • JUST TO LET YOU know, American football player has average life of 55 years old. It's really bad. 90% of the team player is not even paid what footballers are paid in preeminent leagues like EPL,Bundesliga . Only some marquee players are paid in million -16 million mark. It's really risky to be honest.
    Football/soccer is harmful too, many people have died because of cardio damage in middle of game. Average life expectancy is way more than American football player.

  • maybe is annoying becouse sounds like sucker…ok no…but it makes more sense say "football" becouse we use foot to play and "american football" is more like handsball or something like that becouse they run with a ball in their hands…

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