Hole in a Gas Tank Repair

For some reason we have a hole in the fuel tank. In my case it looks like they used a drill. But regardless of the reason we have to repair it. This is a photo taken the moment I discovered the hole. I did a search on the internet and found this product with very positive comments. J-B Weld epoxy. Resists high temperatures and pressures. Can be applied on metals and plastics. After drying we can sanding and paint Before applying J-B Weld I will use some vinegar to clean the surface. And a dishwashing sponge to scrub. After the area around the application point is clean. I prepared a 50% mixture between the white paste and the black paste. When applying I even tried to get in a little through the hole. And I applied in a large area around the hole. I should have let the mixture become a little more viscous. But there was no problem. It takes 24 hours to get solid. Before applying, open the reservoir cap. The next day I used the car normally. But this image is 1 month later. It takes 24 hours to stay solid. I washed the area again and decided to apply a second coat. The next day, I washed again and used fine sandpaper to do the finishing. When I was satisfied, I cleaned and decided to apply extra protection. Anti-gravel sprayer. I applied throughout the depot. I was not very strict in any of the phases. The important thing was to repair the hole and give a reinforcement in the deposit.

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  • Great video. I bought the Jb steel but looks like the 2part epoxy works better. Just a few questions wat exactly were you using to clean the surface ? And how long does it takes to cure ?

  • is that gas tank metal or plastic? did you had any more leak on it? I have a gas tank with the same size hole. want to know if is worth it. thank you

  • Someone drilled a hole in my tank two days ago, my vehicle is out of commission until I fix it. Was going to go to the junk yard and pull a tank but I'm so deflated by the morons who did this that I seriously have no energy or time to do it right now. I will probably try this and hope it works. Thanks for the video. Is your fix still holding up?

  • Mah man i follow ur procedure its great its hard as a stone!! Well done again!! Thankz 4 ur tips!!👍👍👍..⭐⭐⭐..!!

  • I tried this same method before I saw this and it didn’t work for me. I added one step after cleaning and sanding. I cleaned the sanded area again and the lightly scored the area around the hole with a box cutter. I’m going to try one more time before installing the used tank I bought bc just the installation alone is over $400. I only used 1 thick coat of this particular epoxy. Hoping two will do the trick as it’s seemed to work for you. Still holding up? No leaked, no odor?
    Thanks for posting

  • I had a hole in mine from thief's my own fault for leaving the under cover off. It's a metal tank, I used an m8 5mm long flanged bolt with 1mm thread pitch, tapped the hole up to a 8mm thread, the tap was able bend the metal up inside the tank for a good thread length, used a copper washer and job done, my car has plastic under covers now so tank isn't visible but I have a drain plug now.

  • JB weld is not petroleum resistant. Get a Gas tank repair kit from auto parts store. If can’t, get the pc-11 two part marine epoxy or fiberglass putty. No need to empty the gas tank or leave the gas cap off

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