• Love your videos! I just adjusted my stance in relation to the ball a couple of weeks ago (got a smidge closer whereas I really used to reach) and my drives got a bit looser and longer.

    Shaved off 10 strokes since I watched through your YouTube uploads in the last few weeks. No joke – I've been preaching you to my golf buddies! Thanks as always for another great lesson. Cheers from Canada. 🍁

  • Another good video that explains a few basic but important things, that 20+ handicapers usually ignore. I watch most of your videos, and get to learn a lot about the "why" and "how" in the golf game.

  • I wouldn't pick on Bryson DeChambeau's clubs either, I believe he's ranked 22 in the world right now and just hoisted another trophy.

  • By far, the best online golf instruction, correction, best golf instruction, period. Congrats Adam! Do you do multi-day schools at the facility in Naples?

  • Well im not sure same length clubs are an idiosyncrasy. I woukd say Jims goofy looking back swing is a idiosyncrasy. Not taking offense but there is data and sound logic to single length clubs. There is no benefit to Jims back swing he just makes it work. Decent video and thanks for taking the time to make it.

  • Makes sense to me. Do you have any videos on how to hit a fairway wood and hybrid. I hit the ball all over the place with these clubs.

  • I always thought I was lined up correctly, bent correctly, ball centered on the clubhead, correct take away, slice. Years of slice, got some stick on club face paper, found that 95% of my strikes were on the toe. realized that I wasn't lifting my head , but was leaning on my toes, when the club was behind my head I just leaned back an inch and toed the ball.

  • Hey Adam, think you are one of the best golf coach on youtube, was wondering if you might swing by somewhere in southeast asia to conduct golf clinic here, give it a thought ya. cheers

  • Complicated issues explained plainly and succinctly. Thank you sir, for bringing the fundamentals of golf within my reach.

  • The "car in the garage" idea and just the visual of hips driving forward before following through with upper body was literally a game changer in my swing as a brand new golfer! How fun for it to snap all together and see the ball driving beautifully straight into the air 😉 Can't wait for next round of golf!

  • Thank you so much for this lesson. I was having some negative issues with my swing. This helped me work it out. Thanks again.

  • It's interesting that Fred Couples Driver Stance has his arms closer to "impact position" than some other players. It's a bit similar to Bryson D. Experimenting with aligning the ball at address with the driver head just inside the sweet spot might help .. at least at the range while finding the best alignment for a given individual.

  • I love that the structure. By breaking down the ideal, showing a few variations in the PGA, and then offering a drill to help put it all together, I have everything I need to get to work on it (or at least to start). Love the videos!

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