Former NFL football player meets Jesus and then…

My name is Ikaika Alama-Francis.
I played for the Detroit Lions, Miami Dolphins and the San Francisco 49ers. And now
settled back here in Florida. I’ve had the chance to experience really
crazy and amazing things. And we see the guy there is suffering, you know
what I mean. Not only football players, but the wives, the children… So, on your own faith we baptize you
to Jesus Christ. Bend down. Die with Christ. Rise up with Christ. 4 days earlier How much do we focus on this world,
our house, our job, our this…? Nothing, nothing of this we can take with us.
Nothing. Nothing of this has any value. Maina
Wife of Ikaika Are you ready to get baptized to Jesus Christ?
– Yes. So we baptize you to Jesus Christ.
Go down. Die with Christ. Rise up with Christ. – Are you ready to bury the old life?
– Yes. – To wash away your sins? – Yes. – Do you feel a fight? – Yes.
– There is an attack going on. And that is what is happening because
this is a new life, this is a new beginning and it’s not always easy. So, are you ready
to get baptized to Jesus Christ? So, I baptize you to Jesus Christ.
Go down. Die with Christ. Rise up with Christ. (tongues) Freedom. Freedom. Freedom.
Freedom. (tongues) Joy right now. Freedom right now.
Freedom right now. Ikaika saw a change in his wife
and invited us to his house. This is a thing. God is opening doors
because we need that. We need people who are bold
in every kind of level. And talk about where you come from, that is
people who are suffering, who need help. – Yes. Amen.
– And they need to know how it is. My name is Ikaika Alama-Francis and
I was labeled my whole life as a sports guy. Played sports my whole life, as a little kid,
growing up in Hawaii, born and raised, so I had the chance to see a lot of
sunshine days and living under, you know, the umbrella a lot, on the beach.
But life has took me in so many turns through my sports that I identified
just as a sports person. And, you know, I had the blessing to play
professional sports at the highest level. I played for the Detroit Lions, Miami Dolphins
and the San Francisco 49ers. And now settled back here in Florida,
I’ve had the chance to experience some really crazy and amazing things.
But there was something missing in my life always. I always felt that was
something missing. And I didn’t know what it was.
And from myself growing up, I believed in Jesus Christ. You know,
I grew up in the Catholic Church. You know, several things happened
to me, but I was always known as a sports guy. Just Ike – the sports guy. And football,
if you don’t know, it’s a very aggressive sport. You do a lot of damage to not only your body,
but you hurt a lot of other people, along the way. And we see guys there are suffering,
you know what I mean, just not only football players, but the wives,
the children. I mean, they are really suffering because
the man has to really take control of his actions and what he is doing. The crazy thing about it is everybody
glorified me and say: Hey, Ike, you do a such a great job. I remember that:
Hit you put on that guy. I remember all the damage you were
doing on that guy and they praised me for it. But it’s so crazy, every time I’d go home
I’d still have this empty feeling in my heart. No matter how many people told me
they love me, I had this empty feeling inside of me. And you get blinded by a lot of things.
You are blinded by money, you get blinded by fame,
you get blinded by… it was almost fake love.
And… The hardest thing for me was finding my
identity as a human being, while playing sports. And, like I said, I was just a football guy.
Hey, man, you are a football player. I didn’t want to be identified as that
because after my career was over I had a life to live. And the hardest part
that I had to learn was finding who I was in this world, other than sports. You know, if you play chess, that game is like:
you move and then is my turn, and then is your turn, and is my turn. But I’m
not allowed to suddenly move three times. I’m only allowed to move one time and wait
for it become my turn again. The same way is with God. You have sinned.
You have done wrong. We’ve all done wrong. But you have sinned. And the things you have
done have been a bad move. That was not good. God looked down and
said: I love you. I want to save you. So I send my son Jesus to die for you.
Which turn is it now? It’s your turn. God is not just going to save you automatically.
He have done everything He should do – He sent His Son Jesus to die for you,
for everyone. But now it’s our turn to move. When I would hurt more people or I’d do
more great things, they give you more money. And at the time, right here, like:
Man, money to me was success. Like everybody portraits it: Money is success. If you don’t have money you don’t have success. Oh, if you are not rich, then you won’t have
all the nicest cars, the biggest houses. You are not successful. So I fell into the trap
where I gotta have the nicest car. I gotta have the biggest house.
Oh, I gotta hurt more people because the more people I hurt, the more money
they’re gonna give me. But guess what? The emptier I felt.
And money really changed me as a human being. It changed me as a person. And I hate to say:
I hate money now. My wife always tells me, you know: Every time
we have no money you’re the happiest person in the world, but every time we have money
something comes out of you. I don’t know if it’s a demon, or the devil.
What? But we have to understand that money is a
useful tool, but it should be nothing that we praise. Jesus came here on earth, but where we have all
falling, He walked here around us without falling. Where we fall in sexual sin, in lust, in lie,
in stealing, in worshiping other gods, in having idols – He didn’t.
He was the only man without sin. When He was around 30 years old
He got baptized. When He came out the water the Holy Spirit
came over Him as a dove. And from that day on He was walking around
here, preaching the gospel of the Kingdom, healing the sick, casting out demons, telling
people what they need to do, that you need to repent and then be born again
out of water and spirit. To turn away from your sins.
Follow Him as His disciples. I’m sorry for my sins…
I’m sorry for my sins… I’m sorry for what I’ve done…
I’m sorry for what I’ve done… for those people I’ve hurt…
for those people I’ve hurt… I repent…
I repent… And I ask You…
And I ask You… Set me free…
Set me free… Freedom, freedom, freedom!
Let it go, let it go, let it go, let it go! Right now!
(tongues) Freedom!
(tongues) He’s there. God, I thank You for this family.
God, we thank You for what You’re doing, God. Thank You for Your Holy Spirit, God.
Come Holy Spirit, come Holy Spirit, come Holy Spirit, come Holy Spirit.
(tongues) Hallelujah!
(tongues) …really whiteness, I saw a light.
I felt everything coming into me. – Holy Spirit.
– Oh my God! – It’s a new life!
– Yes! Yes! – Yes!
– Yes! Yes, Jesus! The old Ike is going to be buried. He’s going
to die and you are going to rise up and it’s no longer you who live but Christ.
Christ in you. And it’s a new beginning. – Are you ready?
– I am ready! Are you ready to see your husband die
and a new man rise up? So, on your own faith we baptize you
to Jesus Christ. Bend down. Die with Christ. Rise up with Christ.
(tongues) The old thing is gone. Something new
have started. Sin is washed away. The old thing is gone. It’s broken, it’s over,
is out. Hallelujah! (tongues) It’s exciting, but there’s a process to
everything. For myself, football, my life is a process.
But now, my new life is a process. So, every day: how do I get better,
like I really everything to sports. And my coach used to say:
Bang on the rock. It may be a big rock. You may never break it, but keep
banging against that rock. And I’m gonna take that same mentality
that I have with sports and I’ll put it to Jesus Christ.
I’m gonna keep banging on that rock. I’m gonna keep fighting for Him.
I’m gonna keep fighting, I’m gonna keep fighting, no matter what comes about.
I’m gonna keep fighting, keep fighting, keep fighting, because my life is worth it.
And guess what? Other people’s lives that I hope
I can save in the future. I hope they can feel the same thing that
I feel in this moment and right now. Cause I’ve never felt this level of comfort
like this before in my life. And it’s an amazing feeling. And the Holy Spirit, I believe, is the only thing
that can really help anybody do that. Subtitles by the community

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    I do believe his testimony is genuine. Just some errors in practices and teachings always a shame.

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    Romans 7
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    For the good that I do, I do not do, but the evil I will not do, that I practice.
    Now if I do what I will not do, it is no longer I who do it, but sin that dwells in me.
    But I see another law in my members, waring against the law of my mind, and bringing me into captivity to the law of sin which is in my members.
    O wretched man that I am! Who will deliver me from this body of death?
    I thank God… Through Jesus Christ our Lord! So then, with the mind I myself serve the law of God, but with the flesh the law of sin.

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    19 Go [a]therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, We see, then, why baptism in the name of the Father, Son, and Spirit is so important: because this is baptism in the name of our God, the triune God we worship and serve and adore, the triune God who has saved us. The father—source of all, eternally gracious. The Son—Redeemer who left the glory of heaven to save His sheep. Spirit—indwelling Comforter who makes the truths of the Christian faith alive in our hearts. What other names would we wish to bear than the triune name of Father, Son, and Spirit

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    Hey please take this seriously. All have sinned and greatly offended the holy God of the Bible, the just punishment is death and then hell. There is hope though, God became a man in the person of Jesus Christ and suffered and died on the cross paying for the sins we have committed in His own life's blood. Jesus is the perfect and only sacrifice God will accept. You must repent and turn from your sin and trust alone in Jesus to be forgiven and receive the free gift of eternal life in heaven with Christ in glory. Jesus rose from the dead and is our only living hope. Trust in Him today.

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