Doing Laundry + Tip for Folding Clothes | Camper Van Life S1:E35

This week we take the campervan to the
laundromat and Kait shares her organizing tips for van life. Getting my coffee made and then I think
we’re gonna go and do laundry today. It’s been a while. We need to get some clean
clothes and it’s Wednesday special at the laundromat
double load for a dollar what’s the nice thing when we live this life we can go
any day we want to what are you making this morning I’m making the Ethiopian
okay listen everyone on instagram has been getting to see me make coffee every
morning people are liking your stories hey I figured I’d try something
different yeah why not get to see the behind the scenes action all right well
I’m gonna get us packed up while you make that coffee
oh are you still looking your bowl at least we know it’s gonna be clean okay
fan closed yeah drawers are latched yes they are
I think we’re ready to go you want me to try or do you want to drag I’m happy to
drive let’s do this if you had to guess how many loads of
laundry do you think we have in a normal-sized machine and we’re doing our sheets and
everything I would say six to seven okay you guard the van we’re gonna go do
laundry are you putting the shade up well let’s go scope out the situation
because I don’t know if it’s coin-operated or the sign outside didn’t
give it away Oh what did it say coin-operated really or coin laundry beep love your stuff are we looking there are 19 double loads
okay better a dollar each today okay and it’s all coin-operated alright let’s
strip the bed and we can go and get these started
okay here you go okay uh-huh I think my seven six to
seven loads is way under well let’s see how big these double load machines are how you carry these two bags well I can
carry another one okay I’ll grab this soap okay or if you want to put this
open my bag okay everything will be washers we’ll be
done to 11 and it’s nice having our home with us we just come back and work from
the band are you a little worried about leaving our all of our stuff in there
unsupervised no because I can see the the door right there if someone walked
out with our stuff well they could just put it in a bag that’s true
should I go in there and keep one out are you worried about it no I wasn’t
worried about it okay I’m not worried I’m not worried either all right listen
if they want a bunch of well-worn wet clothes and they need them that badly
feel free perfect nothing quite like camping in a parking lot no do you need
much coffee sir every morning Kate and I sit down I have my coffee she has our
team we’ve opened up our laptops and have our morning meeting so I think it’s
about time for our morning meeting you ready honey
I’m ready let’s do it where are you sitting
I’ll sit over here I’ll let you get set up you’ve got my phone and I need to plug
it okay let’s go dry put everything dry oh yeah you stay how
do you wanna do this why don’t I hand you stuff okay wait the
betting we can put on just on the bed for now and then put all the laundry
wait yeah okay do this easy way I don’t know what it is
but I love folding laundry I’m fine with that you can fold all my laundry if
you’d like to well then you have the privilege here’s a special van tip lay
out your jeans fold the leg over like this and then
roll it tightly all the way once you’re done hold the pant leg up doesn’t come
unraveled no that was the problem we had just rolling them in and putting it in
the cabinet we had opened the cabinet and three pairs of jeans would fall out
so this works out well genius all right someone left tissue paper in their
pocket sorry everything everything’s ready so one thing I like to do kate is
taking out my old shirts putting in the new shirts the fresh shirts
yes and then I’ll wear those first next time makes it easy it’s amazing how many
shirts you have one two three there’s nine in here plus the one I’m wearing
and this might work out sure we have so much room did you see yeah well you’ve
gotten rid of a lot of stuff since you moved into the van originally yes people
were making fun of you for how many pairs of jeans you had oh and can we
just clear the record cuz I know there are people right now like why is enjoyed
doing this himself why would you like to do it oh I love it I love
I love organizing I love folding the laundry I love making the bed it’s my
thing see this is my way of making Kate happy
time to make the bed let’s do it I don’t think we’re gonna be able to
film that you know it’s a two-person job after what I do is I stand in this open
door here I’ll make this side as Kate makes the closer side and then Leo just
hangs out under there like a chicken wing and this is the after all done technically this is the real after the
feds not complete until my Packer Snuggie is on it oh boy okay choose the
post office Leo’s excited all set got our tracking numbers that’s
for you got our reading parties let’s see it I like that they sell fireworks here ah it looks great yeah I love it
you get some fireworks set them off at the RV Resort yes it’s
Wednesday afternoon you know what that means happy hour on the green got my
beer ready to go you’re equipped this time we need a golf cart with a glass of wine fantastic I love this I was so much fun it was really enjoyed
myself great way to end a win yep along with a walk through the golf
course beautiful huh next time we explore Tucson Arizona in
the campervan and share our favorite bakery tamale spot and museums.
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100 thoughts on “Doing Laundry + Tip for Folding Clothes | Camper Van Life S1:E35

  • Never thought about rolling pants and making one of the legs as a pocket. Genius!! Omg…a cheesehead in the van :(……..GO DOLPHINS!!

  • My sweet husband does his laundry and i do everything else. I also love to fold clothes. What insulated tea/coffee containers do you two use. I only drink tea

  • AHHHH Packers fans that's it I am unsubscribing oh wait… I just watched laundry being done for 10 minutes!!!!! All the best for the new year from -25C Alberta Canada…..

  • Hey Kait and Joe… always look forward to each Wednesday for a new video… my girlfriend just got me your book for Christmas… can’t wait to devour the book,

  • Leo is supervising. He deserves a raise. It works well when chores are done by both of you doing the ones you like the best. Kate can fold my laundry anytime she wants to. That’s the one thing I don’t care for very much. I’ll even take out the trash if someone else would do the laundry folding it and putting it away. I don’t mind washing it. But since it’s just me whether it’s sticks and bricks or Rv, I get to do it all. Still haven’t managed to get my cats to help other than hiding my socks and underwear when I’m not looking. The one thing I do like is that you can’t take your home with you. Thanks for sharing.

  • I suppose it is too late, since you post these videos after the fact. BUT…. Cartel coffee in Tucson is AMAZING!!!! You've got to try it!

  • Are you guys look great I like you talk to beautiful I like the way you people are good and good sense of humor God bless don't trust anyone

  • I wished that I could be in Arizona with you guys, it's so cold here in Wisconsin. This morning it was six below and the wind chill was thirty below zero. Love the way Kate folds the jeans, what a great trick ! Thanks for the video and Go Packers !

  • Thank you for that jeanious tip. I am packing up my Class B for my first time on the road and I love your tips for saving space and stacking functions. In my obsessive YT viewing of van living channels, I must say that you guys have one of the best!

  • Joe you are so lucky to have Kait as a traveling companion. She is so organized, and always takes on every task cheerfully. What a sweetheart! Happy to see Leo enjoying his food. It's a good sign.

  • Kait, Did you actually come up with that Jeans folding procedure? Smartie pants!…Literally.
    Joe, she's a keeper!! Lol…..Merry Christmas guys!

  • we have a travato (on the promoter chassis) and when my lab mix Karma rides in the passenger seat it sets off the seatbelt dinger. I figured Leo and Karma were about the same size/weight, or maybe the hymer's seat's sensors are different.

  • Great Viedo, Nice trick and tip on the Jean packing We will use that one once we get on the road. It's 35 degrees here in South East Alaska. but sunny today. Hoping to be in a warmer climate and on the road in the not so distant future. Thanks for sharing

  • I must admit I hadn't considered packing jeans that way. T-Shirts, sure, I've rolled them up and stuffed several into a duffel for a week long trip or so but jeans usually lay across the bottom with the 'T's' on top. I tend to put socks & the unmentionables in the zippered end pockets. BTW, I've been meaning to mention that for colder sleeping nights, I've had a 12v blanket and a 700w oil filled super thin heater. With your solar and battery capacity a 400w or 700w electric space heater does wonders for additional heat. While you say Leo likes the cold sleeping weather dollars to donuts say he'll sleep next to that heater too.

  • Only a full time RV dweller can turn laundry day into a family outing. And only a You Tuber can make a living from it. LOL Nice video.

  • Hey guys, great video. My loving wife does the same for me on my shirts as well as my pants, rotates them so I don’t start looking like a mirror cuz I tend to wear the same shirts I like over and over. Fireworks in Arizona, reminds of the movie Joe Dirt. Woman on golf cart with wine 🧐. It wine o’clock somewhere. Love it. Loved your video. Till next time guys, stay cool 😎.

    Big Fans from Texas

    Arnold/Josie (Hershey/Chico)

  • Could not even imagine having to go to a laundromat to do laundry. LOVE my Splendide in the motorhome!!!! Sure hope you got a good deal with that van. I could not live in such a small space and I am just one person. It's sooooooooooo small. LOL, you want a golf cart? You can't even fit a bicycle never mind a golf cart. Curious if you've done (or will do) the downsides of "van life"?

  • Kait – As a fellow Packers fan, I love the snuggie! I got a pair of Packers gloves for Christmas, good thing cause it's pretty cold in Illinois right now. Also, wanted to let you guys know that since I follow your videos I learned about the Berkey and went online to order our own travelsize Berkey today! Hoping to use it when we go camping in the spring too. Really enjoy following you both on your travels and can't wait for Joe's book #2, loved the first one!

  • I just found your site and I’m really enjoying it; your videos are so professional! We downsized from a large class A due to health reasons and traveled part-time for 4 years in a small truck camper. Last month we “upsized” to a 22’ Class C and hope to be back on the road soon. Meanwhile, I’m living vicariously through you two…..thank you for sharing your adventures.

  • Hey there! Great channel, Nice people and Gorgeous doggy🐕…… We just started our VanLife over in Europe, living full time with our 2 small dogs in our little Campervan! Loving the lifestyle! 🚐👫🐕🐕Happy travels🤗

  • (Instant Pot giveaway confirmation)

    Subscribed (under gmail account) recently, but have watched you all for ages. (This message reposted from Facebook entry so you can verify.)

    Favorite meals Kait made in the instant pot: tie between the sausage/veggie mix (longer ago) and the simple sweet potatoes (with tahini) from Hymer days.

    Thom Lyons — this is the Instant Pot I was talking about.

  • Hey Guys, love your videos. I have been out of the loop for a while and am catching up. Looks like the class b is very crowded and you are stepping over stuff. Maybe because it was Laundry day. I have been Full Time RV living for just over a year now and love it but I have one huge pet peeve and it's LAUNDRY! Using Laundromats annoyed the hell out of me. So much so, I got a portable washing machine for my rig. Doesn't look like you have room or one and I really don't either but I keep it in my Shower and move it out when necessary. Of course, it's only a washing machine. But it spins the clothes until they are almost dry. I hang clean clothes in my shower, close the door and turn on a space heater in there. Within 20 minutes, my clothes are dry. I have to use fabric softener but I don't have to use a Laundromat and keep a load of quarters around.

  • I dont understand why i am enjoing watching ppl do laundry and daily tasks…i find it relaxing…i really enjoyed it!

  • My wife and I have actually had our wet clothes stolen from the Laundry Mat , while we were inside . We had taken some sweatshirts out of the washer , folded them , put them on a table , went back to the washing machine to put our other clothes in the dryer , and when we turned back around our sweatshirts were gone . Someone stole them right off the table while our backs were turned .

  • is there a video showing how you vacuum, clean cabinets and shine up your windows? does it get lint from the clothes if you fold in there?

  • ★★★★★ Outstanding…Scrubba-Portable-Laundry-System-, Wear more Temperature Controlled Clothing and Silk long johns, Temperature controlled sheets, more outdoor element clothing. Excellent folding techniques just genius.

  • It's so nice to be able to hang out in a Class B while attending to chores.  I get a yearly parking pass for the NPC (Niagara Parks Commission) in Niagara Falls which gives me access to most of the parking lots in and around the falls and the Niagara area. It's great just to setup for the day and wander around the parks and attractions and play tourist. Return to the RV anytime for nap time, lunch or washroom breaks. It's GREAT!!!

    As for the laundry … it's a mystery to me what happened. I know that while I was married I'd place the dirty lauandry in this "magic basket" and within a day or so all my laundry just magically appear in the closet or in the draws all clean and nicely folded. My EX took the "magic basket" with her when she left and now … nothing!!! I have to do it myself!!!  I've looked everywhere for another "magic basket" … but no luck so far. 🙂

  • Hubby looks tired. The weight loss probably was hard on his nutritional status. Needs vitamins? Or come off diet for a while? Or just stay put for a week to rest off?

  • 🙂 We, over time, have replaced our clothes to mostly be quick drying, anti wrinkle. This means that we wash out our clothes every day and use a salad spinner to get the water out. Hang up and it is dry by morning with a fan blowing on the clothes. That means that sheets and jeans and towels go to the laundromat. Got the idea of the salad spinner from the comments people made about the portable washers. Spinning out the water was the most important. Daily rinsing out our clothes is manageable. Love your videos and attitude.

  • The way you guys treat each other is amazing! I like the way you talk to each other and work as a team and don't nitpick. Just respect and thank each other 🙂

  • Thought you were going to show us happy hour on the green…was it a clandestine meeting that prohibited you from videotaping a smidge for us? We wouldn't have told anybody. : (

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