Disc golf tips on disc selection for the beginner

17 thoughts on “Disc golf tips on disc selection for the beginner

  • Best explanation yet of how to start out. Mr. McCall, (Sterling, if you will) has explained what takes most of us a month or three to prove to a newer player. "No, it's a speed 13, not a distance 13" kind of explanation. Great job, D.D, another one in the heart of the chains!

    (And can't wait to see you all at Pocono……..going for "most fun had all year" as our mindset, I'm sure it'll happen.)

  • I've been playing all summer. I'm getting past "just beginning" to "beginning this summer", and I don't know how to really choose what discs, particularly drivers, to seek out. I need knowledge of how to pick discs as my playing changes as I (hopefully) improve.

  • Great job as usual boys! Gotta admit I did chuckle slightly at the thought of a new player using something like defender or enforcer, 3.5 years in I barely have the arm speed for those.

  • I have been playing since October and I play constantly. My go to disc are the Captain (only for a bigger course, because the Captain has amazing glide and flies about 50’ to 100’ more than my drives, so maybe around 300’ to 350’), I love the Truth( but I love it in the Prime Plastic) and I always have atleast 2 Judges in the bag

  • Probably the best video circulating on Youtube for beginners. Everything you said in the beginning is exactly what I did initially. I watched "in the bag videos" and bought what the pro's used. That beginner three pack should be the first thing store reps introduce to newbies.

  • Hi, great video but what about plastic, what to choose for example for Witness, Truth and Judge as beginner?

  • This tutorial “Jοmtοnο Naha” (Google it) launched me Golf swing classes. Showcased in the guideline are significant guidelines such as choosing the proper club model and length depending on your arm length, height, and shoulder width. Through the modules in the tutorial, I am able to decrease my handicap to 15 from 22 in one year. .

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