Miz & Maryse “dork out”: Miz & Mrs. Bonus Clip, Aug. 13, 2019

[MUSIC] Hi, how are you doing? I’m looking for weed killer. I have basically kind of like a bocce ball. When we bought this house, there was a bocce ball court in the back that wasn’t really set up. It’s kind of filled with weeds and doesn’t look great.>>Is it bocce ball or bocce ball?>>Bocce […]

Maryse rescues a snake from a freaked-out Miz: Miz & Mrs. Preview, Aug. 13, 2019

My gosh, stop, stop, stop, stop, stop, turn around.>>What, what what?>>Turn around. >>What am I looking for?>>On the floor, on the ground, look on the ground.>>[MUSIC]>>[LAUGH] >>Not funny, I’m gonna get a shovel.>>What? No, Mike, no, put that down, no!>>Watch out!>>I swear to God, no, Mike.>>Why are you kicking me? It could be poisonous, it […]

Doing Laundry + Tip for Folding Clothes | Camper Van Life S1:E35

This week we take the campervan to the laundromat and Kait shares her organizing tips for van life. Getting my coffee made and then I think we’re gonna go and do laundry today. It’s been a while. We need to get some clean clothes and it’s Wednesday special at the laundromat double load for a […]

E-Z-GO Golf | Get Real – Bellerive Country Club

My name is Mike Tucker and I’m the director of golf here at Bellerive Country Club in st. Louis Missouri. I’m in my 30th year as a golf professional. I’ve been lucky to be a part of the PGA of America involved in local governance as a national board member and I’m also very competitive […]

MONTE REI, Portugal | GOLF COURSE REVIEW Of One Of The Best Golf Courses In The World

Hello everybody and welcome, my name is Yves, I’m with Expert Golf and today I’m going to take you round one of the finest golf courses in the world. Monte Rei is located in Portugal, in the Algarve to be precise and if you look at our golf guide at expertgolf.com, it is ranked number […]

Development of Chemical Control Strategies for Invasive Crayfish with Allert, Cupp, and Stoeckel

Okay, um, I think I’m gonna go ahead and get started with the, uh, second of four Invasive Crayfish Collaborative webinars. Uh, so thank you for joining us today. Um, so, I’m Greg Hitzroth, uh, I’m an aquatic invasive species outreach specialist with Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant, and Illinois Natural History Survey. And I’m gonna be […]

How to get “Mirror Finish Paint Work” Spray Paint Tutorial

Reverse Polarity Switching / DPDT switch wiring by VOG (VegOilGuy)

Hi YouTube, my name’s Geoff and I’m the VegOilGuy. I recently posted a video of some homemade caterpillar tracks and I’ve had a few people ask how I was controlling the motors. Well it wasn’t by radio control, though that’s coming up soon, it’s actually a very simple electronic process involving switching polarity. Polarity refers […]

Electric cars: On the road to popularity … again

Did you know that the California Legislature in January considered banning the sale of new gas and diesel cars by the year 2040. Other countries have done it, and it’s because supporters of the legislation want to reduce pollution from tailpipes in an effort to fight climate change, and if the bill were to pass, […]

El Valle Golf and Country Club – Jack Nicklaus Design!

Is that okay there? Yes I think it’s… Well it could be crap there, I’ll hit one more Jimmy’s drive here, how far left? About 140 meters Bit of wind in the back right? Yeah There are a couple of bunkers here as well Yeah a few, I’m thinking about which one I’ll hit it […]