AppZonerz – Archery warrior

Dan (Creative Designer and Unity Developer) In the new year 2020, we have our first game Archery Warriors live and we want people to forget all of their stress and pressures, and to relax get a fresh start to 2020 with archery warriors. Become a warrior. Download now and a very happy new year from […]

🏹Traditional Archery … why I do it! #Tradlife

Why do we do it? What drives us? So many hours spent… in the burning sun sending countless arrow after arrow down range? What is it about our misses that propels us on to the next hit like obsessed ??? Why do we choose traditional archery equipment? Why not a compound, or maybe just add […]

SAMUEL UMTITI / ALEXANDRE LACAZETTE | Commente-moi si tu peux 🎙🎧⚽ | Team Orange Football

Action. Beginning of this World Cup. One will be enough. Oh no, we have to do it again. Hahaha, zero. You won’t work on TV, that’s for sure. I sure won’t be. One will be enough! I’m ready, I’ll do it. Shoot! Yeah, that’s a job for him. Talking, media, microphones, cameras… Beginning of this […]

Tackle The Person In The Box | Football Edition!!

This middle one, but they’re trying to throw us off because it has a bunch of It have a bunch of pillows on it. J-Fred: Oh wow. Connor: That was easy. Bryan: I didn’t hear him coming *DUN*DUN-DUN* J-Fred: Oyy… Bryan: What’s up you guys we are team edge Today, We are playing to tackle […]

What’s The Best Bike To Buy? How To Buy The Best Bike For YOU

– What is the best bike to buy? Um. Just one sec, actually. (upbeat music) In all seriousness, this is, actually, a really difficult question to answer. Not because it’s actually hard to find a great bike, but, actually, because the best bike depends entirely on you, the rider. So perhaps instead of asking what […]


– Hello everybody thanks for joining us here and we have a very special guest on the show today we’ve got LPGA Tour player Maria Fassi. Nice to see you thanks for joining us. – Good to see you guys thanks for having me. – How’s things today? – It’s great, just I’m very happy […]

KISSING SOME EGGS | Everybodys Golf #2

*High Five* Top of the mornin’ to ya laddies. My name is Jacksepticeye and welcome back to everybody’s golf. I wanted a nice chill game of golf today. This isn’t going to be chill at all this game knows no rules and no bounds. When I played this earlier with Ethan so I wanted to […]

How ‘incapable umpires’ and a ‘stubborn ICC’ cost India and West Indies the World Cup 2019

In the discipline of cricket, the role of an umpire is extremely important in deciding the outcome of any match. However, due to the wrong decisions of the umpires, sometimes even the best of teams have to face a humiliating loss. such incident occurred recently in the ICC World Cup, when India lost to New […]

Rohinton P. Medhora Introduces CIGI’s ‘Innovation Series’

There is concern in the country that we are creating a lot of start-ups and that there’s a lot of buzz and activity and action around ideas. The critique is that these ideas are not blossoming fully and are not becoming what in the business are called “unicorns” — that is to say, massive national, […]

Top 10 batsmen with most sixes in a Test Innings

Top 10 batsmen with most sixes in a Test Innings Do you know what the most number of sixes to be hit in an individual Test innings are? Can you imagine a bowler holds the record for the maximum number of sixes? As of now, Tim Southee of New Zealand occupies the 10th spot with […]