Badminton-Mixed doubles – (9) The right female posture

Mixed Doubles The Right Female Player’s Posture He is my mixed double male partner I am female mixed double player yeah watch this I see a lot of this so he is about to serve come closer this lady player too much considering his partner she wanted to help him she doesn’t want to stand in his way so this lady if you go to club you will see a lot instead of ready like that many female partners do this way so he is ready to serve stop instead of doing that she is doing that so she is not ready at all yeah she is just worried about him and then like that compare like that and then ready or like that and then ready its different so please don’t be like that like this watch the person like this serve goes ready ok you don’t need this much

One thought on “Badminton-Mixed doubles – (9) The right female posture

  • Lee, once again you are right. I dont dare give advices at my club 🙂 but the service is a big big problem. Nobody will catch the short return after this bad position 🙂

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