Badminton: Follow Lee (2) The Net Kill 2-1 (Set Your Mind)

Before you try to do the whole program of Follow Lee and program of the first lesson, Follow Lee first lesson Net Kill, please do not view it if you don’t understand what I am going to say if you do not agree if you don’t think you can do it, what I am going to say it’s meaningless to watch the technical aspect of what I am going to explain to you which is the connection, connection from your heart, from your soul from every emotions, from your body to the shuttle cock, there must be a thick connection that quality of connection is the winning factor, the 99 percent of win or loose of a match is decided by 99 percent of the connection, ok you make it too much but I would like to explain it to you this way, I don’t know the name of it the mother has a baby in her stomach from mother to baby there is a line, it is a life line the whole food, thinking passes to the baby that kind of connection must be done must be existed between the player and the shuttle cock if the player has not got that connection which means the desire to take the shuttle cock, desire to take that shuttle cock to some where to win without that connection it is completely meaningless to training, to be a competitor, to be the winner it looks like a person try to drive racing car without engine in it ok, this is what I mean by that this connection can be done in any circumstances practice, training and matches and any where ok watch this, ok that’s the feeder can be your coach or your friend this is not connected, this person is just ready he is doing it not badly, but something is missing 99 percent of this practice is missing, he is just using the muscle, racket bone, nothing else there is no connection what so ever, but what I am looking for from the players is this ok wait ya, hungry, I don’t have to say myself to work hard because its already connected depending on what ever he does because I am connected I will be moving automatically, this has to be learnt first and then technical things comes second, but many players they do not understand about this connection they just train their bone, their muscle and they compalin why I am not become a winner? of course there is no engine how can you drive a car?

40 thoughts on “Badminton: Follow Lee (2) The Net Kill 2-1 (Set Your Mind)

  • I really appreciate your emphasis on the mental part of badminton. It helps me believe that even though I got started late in life playing badminton, I can still achieve a high level of play as long as I keep the right attitude (and, of course, train hard).

  • Yes I do believe that too. It is just question of how hungry you to achieve it.
    I am pleased to know that and thank you for posting your comment. Lee

  • Anybody can teach how to hit a shuttle well. But so far only you seem to put so much effort in teaching how to think. Thankyou for such good videos and lessons. I may not press like on all your videos but trust me, i watch all of them and learned so much.

  • This is to true! A good coach might teach good techniques, but a legendary coach teaches how to set our mind.

  • Coach Lee, you are my badminton hero! I went back and played a game with my old coach after listening to your techniques for 2 months, he didn't recognise the player he once taught, he was very pleased. With respect coach Lee, the connection between mother and child is called the umbilical cord. I have experienced YOUR connection but when one gets tired sometimes this connection becomes fuzzy and the point is lost, I always try to reconnect quickly for the next point!

  • Thank you for the for "Umbilical cord" Yes when everyone lose the connection because of tiredness or anything, that is the time to make it even bolder.

    Thankyou for letting me know that you have improved that much with my clips. I am very pleased. Lee

  • Thank you very much for your kind comment. I am more then happy to be a badminton coach but it is very nice to know you see me in such way too. Thank you. Lee

  • I am very happy to know that you feel my clips helped you to improve. Thank you for taking time to post your comment. Lee

  • Thanks coach, here in the Philippines badminton is one rising sport, i have been playing for 6 months only but with watching your videos i felt like i improved most of my shots 🙂 thanks coach! I feel like i can start queing sessions in the future!

  • Thank you for letting me know and I am very pleased that my clips are helping you. Keep it going to reach another level higher. Lee

  • Dear Lee,
    Most of my net kills go into the net. When I watched your video it is totally clear why. Hats off to your demonstration of why it goes into net. I felt I was watching myself! Very embarrassing though. THANK YOU VERY MUCH. Coach is a coach.

  • You are very welcome. I am very pleased to know that this clip helped you in a way to make your skills better. Thank you for posting your comment. Lee

  • Never on the face of earth think this is useless
    Its really amazing !
    But sir wat u said about the connection is 1000000000% true
    Awesome and il never forget this in my life

  • I am very pleased to know that you see the point of this clip. Thank you for posting your positive comment. Lee

  • sir !! i have a tournament in my college from 21st april 2013
    i've practiced and learnt many things from your videos !!
    hope i get through the tournament !!
    sir please tell me some more tips for getting through
    i request you to mail them to [email protected]

  • It is your determination and believe in your self will make the different. Your skills would not change now, as well as your fitness. They are all done already. The things you can help your self is set your mind. Good luck. Lee

  • its the willingness to be train/learn and love for that sports  ( badmminton ) right coach lee? 

    its also applied to study also 😀
    thx coach

  • This is one of the best video/lesson I have seen for a while…Fantastic watching your videos, your energy and explanation. Has improved my game and insight immensely. Thanks for sharing.

  • I don’t know what to say except how true you speak of the human condition…we don’t have this connection with anything that we do. We do things in a haphazard way (=causal, don’t care) and think doing it the same way harder will get better results. But we don’t get results and blame everything else but ignore the root of the problem – that we are not truly passionate or committed to the art. To me, THAT’S the difference between a winner or a looser, someone who gets what they desire or someone who dies wondering.

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