Badminton Duble’s PART 1 — offensive rotations

10 thoughts on “Badminton Duble’s PART 1 — offensive rotations

  • Thanks for posting! Please continue. Your demonstrations/displays are wonderful. I'm sharing these instructions with all my badminton friends!

  • You are welcome. If I may add, because you sound like a badminton coach. I have also found that you can feed this drill from three positions; middle, left and right. Also, putting a light cloth over the mesh part of the net makes your player have to react faster. Maybe you can video this and post for others. I would, but right now I'm a bit busy.
    Thank you for watching and commenting.

  • Great video. This is really THE most important feature in playing a decent doubles game. When you are playing doubles and you notice your opponent does not know how to use the rotation system it is every easy to win, just keep pushing the back player from left to right corners and wait untill you get a good enough opportunity to finish the rally.

  • Pratipat, this is super super. Thanks a lot. I will be going through each of your videos on this. :). I am going to start writing a separate notes based only on your videos. Thanks once again! 🙂

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