Badminton: Backhand Smash Defense

12 thoughts on “Badminton: Backhand Smash Defense

  • You really don't need much power, as the smash will already have a lot of energy.
    Usually just having enough 'snap' in the movement is enough to get it deep in the back court

  • I started to watch your coach. Thank you. Will you guide for good racket for the beginning stage like me? I am your big fan.

  • Start with you can do block and middle court push and meanwhile you would better to practise so you can do all the shots. Try you can do it. Lee

  • You are very true it is skill of making right timing and power of grip. Thank you for your comment. Lee

  • Thank you so much I did this and my friends thought I was gonna drop and they just went to the net to be ready

  • Hey mr lee what rackets do you think are worth buying? Im thinking after a few months more of practice about getting the yonex nanoray z speed.

  • Hello Mr . Lee , my question is that when i do a backhand smash defence i turn my feet , waist , wrist , elbow such that it is quite like a dance step .. I know that is hilarious and hard to understand but i cannot explain that . Hope that you can understand that .

  • Hi mr. Lee i have been training your smash defence for weeks but i cant still hit the shuttlecock the right way .. And i still dont know where the shuttlecock woul land .. What should i do… Plz help me…

  • Now i know why i cant hit the shuttlecock in smash defence. Its because of too much swing and improper posture .. Thanks for the video mr.lee although im a begginer it helped me a lot.. I' ll keep on watching your videos mr.lee intil all of it is done.. Hoping you will
    still answer my incoming questions…

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