AGGRESSIVE TIP!!! | Spike Volleyball Career Mode Episode 22

Spike Volleyball Gameplay PS4 Yes Guy Gaming Volleyball Video game spike volleyball Xbox One Steam PX PS4 yes guy spike volleyball maybe I should get ready okay bounce
that’s really sharp whoa oh my god that might be the biggest bounce ever that is
well inside the attack line whoa nice hello and welcome back to yes guy gaming
we’re back playing spike volleyball and what episode is this 22 episode 22 of
the career mode thank you guys for the support you’ve shown to this series it’s
by far the most successful series I’ve ever had on this channel I’m super
excited and happy to try to make this channel the best it possibly can be and
it’s only possible with your guy’s help so thank you for the support trying to
really make this the best that it possibly can be and show the world that
you know people do care about volleyball and video games out there that there is
a thing out there it’s a thing people give a shit in this game while has
really opened my eyes to that so thank you guys for the support you haven’t
already hit that subscribe button appreciate that anyways now we’re here
in the career mode it is you know we’re in that Werner world International Cup
round robin and I was thinking about I was watching some of my previous
episodes and I’m determined the funnest thing to do in this game for me I’ve
gotten I mean I like to bounce don’t get me wrong I love the bounces but I’m
gonna try to get some successful blocks I’m gonna try to unlock that and figure
out how to get that done so that’s the goal for this game trying to do our best
that so let’s get focused let’s get to it
easy gentlemen good evening and welcome to this match between I love the series
exactly license today I hate these voice hangers with a match
between Canada hey spike all evolved you looking for
voice acting I’m still available give me a call yes guy gave me they’re all
something I can commentate this house would that be anyways alright here we go
what’s the play okay so we’re looking for successful blocks so gonna try to
make it easy to get them and know where it’s going they serve that guy so let’s
go out and block this guy okay so let’s just tip it over that’s a huge tip okay
ready for a successful block get up early there’s a dig yeah okay whoa
let’s go over the net what’s happening guys god what the hell just happened
there did I dig it over the net I’ve never seen that happen 22 episodes in it
something happens I’ve never seen before Wow okay looking for a successful block
come on now serve that guy probably going out here dang it
they’re going to the middle maybe I should get rid it ok bounce this really
sharp that might be the biggest bounce ever that is well inside the attack line
whoa nice they rip his serve at this guy he doesn’t have a good power on us sir
represent that guy so he’s out so go get this guy dang it okay take a lot of risk
with this cuddy Oh found it through the net nice okay skip this garbage
I’m trying for successful blocks and I can’t seem to do it maybe I’ll have one
guy block the middle I’ll just go to over on the left side ace I’m not even
trying to get the ACE and I’m getting an ace okay well done whose is this is Lynn
my new setter all right send two guys over there not
three one guy in the middle Oh hitting into the net five-nothing
don’t weave in a chance at a successful why did you see that bounce earlier
though oh my gosh alright let’s get a successful block send two guys over
there Wow that’s a dick hit that cut Oh sister
Cuddy look at this I’ll get out of the way where was I totally in the way nice
cut all right you know what get out there
block this guy huh oh he tipped it what the heck actually
now it’s this really sharp pretty good bounce I think now straight down he is
way up there oh my god mmm just attack line we’re looking to get
way inside the attack line all right here we go looking for a successful
block can we get one now that was going way out of bounds all
right let’s drop shot it drop it oh okay go go go
what what happened still really this game
right now the more I play this the more problems I
find the guy it dumped that why does it give me the option to jump from the
Centers of the Packer oh it is falling it into the net all right
set the middle and tip it oh that was an aggressive tip get back okay set this
guy again aggressive tip what happened the trick
play this tip it short by the block all right might cut one short over there
well this guy’s got some power as he pounds it right into the net dude oh okay like at the hardest difficulty they
just really shouldn’t miss serves not in the game like this like just giving
points to the player if they miss three serves a set like ha Ivan miss why miss
once I was about to say haven’t misters but I have missed one sir
alright sure why not important okay this guy yeah this oh there’s a dig dump it
absolutely yep okay why is that even an option you guys yeah I just gave him a
point yeah yeah I did okay fine all right here we go said the middle guy
short tip huge triple bloggers this goes free
underneath nice I haven’t tipped a lot before but the tips are actually a lot
of fun okay oh the click okay so that block the middle dang that’s hard set
the middle guy tip it over there you got a sweet play-doh replay what the hell
happened there all right I will take it okay how do I stack up in the middle what you two idiots
get your shit together oh it almost I almost block that now do I stack up in
the middle in the block hmm depressing nothing maybe yeah no but now the dump
doesn’t work if you guys know how to work that dump let me know I have not
figured it out they got one kill ever yup set the middle tip it over there
everybody that just sat on the thing there oh man okay the controller just
connected right as this soars about to land so I got to press the the pass
button right away really really damn it
11/9 I’ve been fooling around too much I’m going to fool around and lose this
game yep on it set the middle guy tip it all sorts of trouble
block that that’s a dig set this guy tip it right there look at that
this smart tip by the block yes oh that’s deadly so sick
all right pound the serve just right at this guy because we want to take him out
and then we’re gonna triple on the middle or C ball Oh what like I’m on my
way up like the timing for that is just atrocious and the amount of time the
amount of attempts I get at blocks it’s like so low oh go really guys really
really this guy this frickin guy we’re still up by one but really yep set that
guy tip it right here the guy’s way up there the ball goes off his chest and
out of balance love it alright Ripa nice let’s see if I can just rip bases on
command Galliard yeah I can let’s see if I can do a
second in a row yeah it was a perfect serve oh he got it
okay come for the middle Oh Oh what oh I thought I almost got a huge block there
damn it you know what’s coming go yes set this
guy tip it right there all right set number two I’ve had very few attempts at
successful blocks I don’t have any successful blocks there’s not really any
sign of successful blocks whoa okay so if I hold it what okay so okay so he
just hit it there it was out of bounds I should have left it but okay whatever
okay why is that still there that Wow yeah upset this guy give it a huge tip
okay so the longer you hold the tip button the higher it goes that’s weird
and it’s stole her spot that was honestly a free ball look at this thing
so high in the air like that’s a free ball the guy shanks it backwards
you’re an idiot but all right then crush one over to this guy that guy’s got some
power on his serve I did the same thing last time
yikes all right figure it out gold it’s the most met flippers I’ve ever
seen anybody get against me ever like this is ridiculous
come on yep set the middle guy just tip it short yes I found a new way to score
pretty much every time they haven’t dug any one of those tips yet I’m gonna keep
tipping ice buddy yes guy what why I’m trying to serve it right at him so that
they’ll set the guy back and I can stack it up set the guy back why are you
setting that guy all right set the middle guy tip it over there really
really that’s what’s gonna happen you hit off the elbow into the net what
are you doing what what’s happening what the hell was that this is ridiculous right now like this
is a total joke I am I am pushing the game to its limits though I will say set
this guy tip it right there what the hell happened what the actual hell
happened there tip it right there by that what fault in the net what all
right I got to pick it up you know who’s getting set when it’s time to pick my
shit up well that’s good all right
gosh I was having so much fun tipping it you know what I’ll keep doing an Alice
corn let’s go great serve there setting middle all I was up on that set this guy
he’ll tip it over there wow that’s an aggressive tip hey watch yeah I’m on
that good J okay tip it deep not really neat tip okay on this guy yeah all over
that oh come on I’m all over that I don’t get why the set is going like way
off the net I’m digging these fine oh yes again on Hard difficulty it
shouldn’t miss serves like it doesn’t make sense
okay crush this herb Moreau and then get ready for them to set middle lower back
there’s a dig let that guy tip it right there hold on hold on are you serious he
just missed the ball completely come on let’s go eight five time to pick it up
yeah wow they missed their last two serves so they’re falling up completely
all right how about an ace on command Galliard I said you do this last time I
didn’t do it again okay probably Oh pipe there’s a dig except this guy now what
if I try where is he why why does he not get a frickin
approach oh gosh get over there boys go yes okay what I am lost
it’s all right get lucky get lucky yes super lucky definitely see Oh pipe
there’s a dig set the C ball and tip it short deadly yeah
the tip on the back roll ball effective okay rip one Galliard we need an ace buddy
it’s a doll okay watch for what they’re doing what yep
set the C ball and tip it up and there show me the replay oh the guy just he
was up and he just brought it right back down with him you’re an idiot buddy all
right rip an ace Galliard it’s about time
buddy not that come on nine oh shoot this is close
oh go yes set that guy hight it libero is all over definitely going back set oh
hi great day set it way out there all right what the
hell is that okay where’s it going get out there get out there and get up early
out of bounds outside the antenna how do they keep making these dumbass mistakes
I will take it though all right counted up this guy found a hard sir with this
guy and then get outside cuz they’re gonna set this guy and uh there’s a date
set this guy tip it way over there oh go on to this guy yeah set the C ball
tip it oh what a dig
oh that was over the net tip it’s short right everybody let me touched it – it’s
like the tip is unblockable I’m loving the tip right now can’t
believe I haven’t discovered this before get out there block this guy lock this
guy gosh I was all over that set the middle
and tip it oh I didn’t even block me that’s embarrassing great dig set that
guy and tip it over there no that’s a dumb tip really why do every time I set
out outside now it does that garbage tip it right there yeah so say these guys
are way out there that’s not always the thing I wonder when I’m watching like
Pro indoors like these guys are so high up there oh okay
yikes yep setback you know what it’s time for a sharp Alex come on yes they
were looking for the tip and I bounced it oh my gosh that’s insane
alright I’m like oh there clip get in yes thank you definitely going back set
and block the show oh dang it like I’m a bit late I think I gotta get
up just alright I’m a bit early I think I gotta get up a bit later
are you serious game how many miss serves is that like six
like they’re just giving me the win 13 12 the guy this is a syrup now I have a
chance for the win definitely going middle Oh free ball set the middle guy
tip it high as hell right here oh he’s all over that dang it get back get back
get back get back back come on pressing the freaking button
this click is pissing me off they can eliminate the click this game
would just be like so much better dump for the win okay
now it’s all tied up to 14th cuz I’m an idiot
yep set the middle guy bounce that partner oh yeah get outside for that
block oh yeah go back for that there’s a dig let’s let that guy pound it dude yes
come on yes no block number 7 he’s just standing up
doing nothing I will take that farmer Oh would be a great time for an ace really
great time for an ace morrow ok definitely going back set out of bounds
they give me the game yes that was way closer than the agency
and it’s a victory for two they completely Gaston they gave it to me
when like ten miss serves motivate hitting errors like wow I will take it
alright so I’ve got a new to start in her let’s see if he’s any good oh he’s
got strong points in float and set two things that outside it here well I don’t
know if low yeah new gal avail alright let’s see how good he is Miguel let’s
check him out I hope he’s good to be sick he was like in the 80s probably not
his only two-star recruit Miguel Bale 77 ok ok we go who’s that better then not
better that I’m Jones is that better than Moreau it’s the same as Moreau and
murrow’s got better attack height and attack so I should turn this guy into a
consultant but a consultant as what gloat or set maybe set because if I get
a chance to recruit a setter sure cuz I don’t give a shit about float I don’t
give a shit about setting either alright anyway guys that’ll do it for this
episode of spike volleyball thank you so much for watching and for showing all
the support and love you guys have to this channel into this series that means
a lot to me trying to make this channel the best it possibly can be and
hopefully be an inspiration to others to really celebrate and follow what what
you love I love volleyball I love video games and so this is my kind of well
anyway thank you guys for the support you haven’t already hit that subscribe
button would really appreciate that let me know some your copy in the comments
what your thoughts are some stuff you’d like to see we’d love to hear about that
but thank you guys again so much for watching I hope to see you next time on
yes guy gaming you Spike Volleyball Gameplay PS4 Yes Guy Gaming Volleyball Video game spike volleyball Xbox One Steam PX PS4 yes guy spike volleyball

13 thoughts on “AGGRESSIVE TIP!!! | Spike Volleyball Career Mode Episode 22

  • In some aspect, I do see how "realistic" the game is. But most of time, like 99.99% of the time, the game is just being ass and a half. Especially, why is every set so high, and how "unskilled" the setters are to just set everything damn thing under hand. It's fun to watch your reaction, but it ain't fun to play with bugs not the AI itself.

  • Yes guy! Love these videos!!!
    Keep up the good work buddy, also I think you're awesomely (not a word but it works) succeeding in spreading the good 'yes guy' vibes, LOVE THAT

  • Dude, I think that’s time for changes. Everything is so easy now and zero challenge to you. Why dont you use side view camera and 25 points/3 sets? It would be more realistic. Anyway nobody promotes that game like you. #BigBen people must to thank you a lot… Tks for your effort. Regards from Brazil…

  • So I bought the game so far my serving is amazing just about every serve is a perfect serve but my serve receive is ass is it because my players are bad in career mode or is it me. Do I press and hold x till the ball is bout to release or do I press x right before contact to do a perfect pass?

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