­čĆ╣Traditional Archery … why I do it! #Tradlife

Why do we do it? What drives us? So many hours spent… in the burning sun
sending countless arrow after arrow down range? What is it about our misses that propels us
on to the next hit like obsessed ??? Why do we choose traditional archery equipment? Why not a compound, or maybe just add sights? What is it about a simple recurve, string
and a fletched arrow that speaks so eloquently to our souls? I can’t speak for you but, I know why I
do it… For me… it’s about the journey, the challenge,
and not giving up… just because it’s hard. For me… it’s more spiritual than sport. I live my life for God, and I’m passionate
about traditional archery. Are you? Subscribe, and let’s journey together.

19 thoughts on “­čĆ╣Traditional Archery … why I do it! #Tradlife

  • You are truest archer I've ever seen. You are an inspiration. I wish you nothing but success. Shoot straight buddy.

  • It's accomplishment, it's "the road less traveled," it's difficult, it gives the game a chance and thrills the hunter who's successful, it's freedom from the trappings of the modern "science" that warrants success no matter the degree of commitment, it's a simple art form that defies modernity, it allows the shooter to be anything he or she wants to be, and it's primal…it's something inside that drives us to seek perfection in a discipline that demands our full attention…that's why I shoot and have always shot traditional…and need no one's approval in my pursuit. When the arrow goes where you look and you don't think about anything in the process, you have become the arrow and the point of impact becomes your eye…how spiritual is that?

  • Joe, my friend, you've spoken deep truth here and this video is poetically moving. I would suggest also that you are experiencing the transcendence that St. Francis prescribed in his prayer: It it by self forgetting that one finds. How true this is in the meditative experience of instinctive archery, and more so in serving others. Thank you for your committed efforts in both.

  • like an obsessed children nicely put Joe my girfrield called me that many time. She thinks i am starting to like my bow more than her……

  • Amen, Joe. Great video, difficult to express the┬áwhy, especially┬áin 1:44, but I think you came as close as anything┬áI've heard explaining my passion. Keep it up.

  • I've done traditional archery since I was 7 and in these almost 12 years archery has been my passion, it's been my therapy because when I shoot an arrow I feel like there's no problems, like it's just my bow and me

    Great video!

  • The sound of the string, the sound of the hit. The simple pleasure in enduring difficulties until we reach the perfect, consistant muscular "locking" that drives the arrow straight to the target. Te satisfaction in knowing the arrow will hit it well and hard even before it actually hits. And when it hits hard at 50, 60 mts was only because your muscles, your mind, the manifestation of your soul.

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