REDWRX Carbon RX-3 VS Hoyt Helix | Strong Shot Archery Reviews

what’s up guys welcome to another episode of strong shot archery reviews where you get the most unbiased and objective reviews so my personal preference doesn’t affect your money today we are doing another bow comparison but this time we’re doing it with two brand new bows from the same company these are the Hoyt […]

Zombie Archery vs Gallows The Buddy | Kick The Buddy Game IOS

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How to Toe Turn on a Snowboard – How to Snowboard

What’s up guys? Kevin here from In this beginner snowboard video I’m going to teach you how to toe turn. When you first start snowboarding turning onto your toes can be difficult, but I’ve got three tips to help you out. First let’s break down the toe turn. Get ready for the turn by […]

Beginners guide to archery Pt3: Archery arrows 101

Now then, we are going to look at arrows with different styles of bows. This is a wood arrow, feather fletchings, nocks, points. These are more for your traditional bows, can be used with recurves. Wouldn’t recommend wood for compounds, not at all really. Wouldn’t shoot a wood arrow out of a compound, totally not […]

Archery | Target vs Hunting Bows

Hi, this is NUSensei and today, we’re going to clarify something. So, you’re looking at getting a bow. You might be imagining this epic camouflage bow that looks awesome and you just want to have it in your hands. And then you might, you know, I want to do some competition shooting. So you look […]

Archery | Bear Minuteman Recurve Bow

Hi guys, this is NUSensei. As many of you probably realise, I’m a relatively young guy and a late starter in archery. So, I’ve missed out on a lot of milestones of archery development and technology. Today, I’m working with this bow a Bear Minuteman. This particular bow belongs to a visitor who received it […]

Archery for Beginners : Archery as a Sport

Hi, what is archery? Archery involves a bow and an arrow. And when most people think of bow and arrow they think of the Native American Indian. However, archery’s been around for hundreds of years before that. Man’s been hunting with a bow and arrow since back in the primitive days. It could have started […]

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