Loyola Volleyball Coach – High School Sports App

(soft music) – Michael Boehle, I’m the head volleyball coach at Loyola High School. This is actually my 20th year as the head volleyball coach here. I’m an alum of the class of 1984. We have probably one of the most successful volleyball programs in the nation. After meeting with REPu and getting together with […]

Golf Course Clocks

Welcome to Chomko LA. We manufacture and repair golf course clocks. Our shop is equipped to help you with the three types of clock necessary for a smoothly running golf course. Post clocks, clubhouse clocks and pace of play clocks. Post clocks are ideal for uniting the first tee practice area and driving range. These […]

Canada Summer Games 2017 – Beach Volleyball Finals

Come in stay relax and play the game that that we gameplan quite a bit coming to this game so basically just sticking to the game plan and being as aggressive as we can and trusting in each other. Its an amazing venue when Winnipeg has set us up so well here it’s been amazing […]

El mejor juego eSports – Pikachu Volleyball

In the world of esports there are a lot of very interesting games that are exciting to see and play but there are always messes behind like that character should be Nerfed, is roaming or they have fucked me with the update the perfect games like the Age of Empires. The thing is pulling memory […]

Top 5 Movies About Cricket (Subtitles Included)

Hello viewers! welcome to another video from RottenSpine Production. In this video we look at Top 5 Movies about Cricket. Number 5 Hit For Six Hit for Six is a 2007 Barbadian sports film starring Andrew Pilgrim and Rudolph Walker. it’s about a West Indian cricket player, who was once accused of match fixing, fights […]

Game Grumps Animated – Football – by The Smash Toons

do you believe it I don’t know what goddamn thing about the picketing the games big yeah all right well you do know this very basic thing with football to run to the guy with the ball and beat the shit out of the muggy day long to beat the shit well haha what fucking […]

How to Play Volleyball : How to Spike a Volleyball

Hey, my name is Addison from Captain Bills and I’m going to teach you how to spike a volleyball. Spiking a volleyball is probably the most fun part of volleyball. For me, anyway. Spiking a volleyball, I am right handed, so I take a two step approach leading with my right foot. If you’re left […]

Paralympic Sport A-Z: Sitting volleyball

Invented in the 1950s in the Netherlands, sitting volleyball made its Paralympic debut with the men’s competition in 1980 and the women’s in 2004. Compared to volleyball, the sitting volleyball court is smaller and the net lower, but the ball is the same. The attack line – 2m from the net – creates a Front […]

Badminton: Basic FOOTWORK – 6 corners, step by step

the defensive backhand, i will start with a wide split step and push my right foot towards the side, i pull my right foot all over my left Then i drag my left a bit towards my right. And push myself up. Then i am back at the middle If the smash isn’t at the […]